Varsity: Round Up

4 May 2012


For the men Matthew Vokes finished 4th, but Oxford’s 1-2-3 gave them the victory by 78 minutes. It was the opposite story for the women: Mairead Rocke, Andy Strakova, and Katrin Harding had brilliant runs, giving Cambridge a 1-2-3 and the women victory by 76 minutes


The men triumphed 5-3 in a thrilling encounter. A fast-paced and riveting match was won

courtesy of goals from Harrison, Parkes, Styles and two from Salvesen. Three times Cambridge fought back from behind to grasp their first win in four years. In the women’s affair there was no way to separate the two teams, the match ending in an entertaining 0-0 draw.


The men’s city team secured a 5 -3 win while the men’s A eventually yielded 2-6 to a far heavier Oxford outfit.

In the male B match one bout was refought to break the tie, resulting in a close 4-3 victory for Cambridge. Weakened by graduations, the women’s squad suffered a 4-0 loss against the far more experienced Dark Blues.


In the women’s competition Oxford claimed victory by 22,116 to 21,736 points – one of the narrowest margins on record. However, the Light Blues won four of the five events while Henny Dillon’s points score of 4,388 meant that she was the only athlete to achieve a full Blue. The men’s battle was equally tight but an unfortunate riding phase saw Cambridge edged out by 30,008 to 27,748 points. Notable performances were Brad Dixon winning the swimming phase with a new Varsity record and Josh Radvan winning the fencing phase, both of whom achieved the Full Blue standard.