Video Preview: Amirite? Charlie Palmer, Ben Pope, Milo Edwards & Archie Henderson

Nick Jones, Richard Cadman, Eddie Millett & Freya Sanders 16 May 2014

Eddie Millett recently spoke to the four funny men of tonight's ADC lateshow, 'Amirite?' for TCS Nabs a Cantab, which is essentially, as Eddie wisely puts it, where we "nab some Cantabs and make them say things…".


The four seemed to display affection for the "stereotypical clichéd thing" that has given their show a name. They have turned the phrase 'Amirite', apparently, into "a kind of Bruce Forsyth call and response poetic medium where one of us will say 'Amirite?' and some others will then reply with 'You're not wrong'". The best nights, apparently, are where the audience joins in with this refrain. Tonight, they are "hoping for some audience participation. Just three words though."

Charlie Palmer appears frequently on Cam FM, on which one of his favourite pastimes is the 'Cheese or Font' game: during which the participants are given a name, and must then guess, as the name suggests, whether it is a cheese or a font. Old York is the name of a cheese apparently. 

'Wine or play' is a similarly "surprisingly hard" game, during which the arbiter "reads out reviews from the Telegraph or Guardian theatre and wine sections and you have to guess whether it's a review of a wine or a play. You get things like 'bitter and lingering'". One can only hope that the TCS Food & Drink and Theatre sections offer more clarity. 

When Eddie spoke to Charlie on Cam FM last week, he confessed he hadn't yet written his material; now he claims "I've written most of mine". He gave TCS a sneak preview of what's in store for tonight's audience, confessing that, among other things, he'll be discussing "a matriarchal dystopia run by R&B star Kelis", of 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' fame. Tonight's show may well include some of their theories on "the socioeconomic issues that would be caused by all the boys going to the yard"

Ben Pope, outgoing president of the Footlights, is a finalist; 'Amirite?' will be one of his last shows in Cambridge. But hopefully this isn't the end of his comedic conquest: his response to Eddie's question as to whether he can see a life in comedy was, "I can't see it yet, but…that'd be great. Yes please!"

And the future certainly looks bright. TCS learnt from the lads that, "Ben's the one that can sing". Indeed, the quartet revealed that tonight's show "might have a musical finale"; they were coy with the details.

"You've been described as just the right amount of awkward"
"By some. I've been described as just the wrong amount by others"

As the photos snuggly sandwiching this paragraph demonstrate, Milo Edwards and Archie Henderson wore coordinating knitwear during the interview; they claimed such bold fashion statements were "always planned", before reflecting on the prevalence of knitwear on the Cambridge comedy scene. 

"I don't know if it's a deliberate choice or that the kind of person that does stand-up in Cambridge is the kind of person that enjoys knitwear".

A correlation was also noted between classics and comedy; all four members of the troupe study the most ancient and noble of subjects. Apparently, the fact that they bonded over niche "Aristophanes jokes" is at the heart of their ethos. 


Amirite? is on at the ADC tonight for one night only.

All images credited to Richard Cadman.

Video can be found here.