Vinnie Carta 1986-2007

Joanne May and Helen Clifford 15 November 2007

The Sidney Sussex community has been left reeling after the tragic death of Vincent Carta, after he was knocked off his bike on the evening of Sunday 4th November. He was cycling back from Balsham (9 miles from Cambridge), where he had been tutoring, and died in the early hours of Monday morning with his family by his side.

Vinnie was a 3rd year Natural Scientist, studying Physics, and was an active member of the Sidney community, as well as the University as a whole. Many people are described as having a zest for life, and in Vinnie’s case this was undoubtedly true. He was up for anything from disgusting shots to outrageous bop costumes, ranging from full 80s make up to a cardboard Titanic creation.

He grew happier and happier, embracing all the opportunities Cambridge had to offer. Over the past year alone, he took up kayaking, rock climbing, rowing, the guitar, tutoring, life drawing, and discovered a love of media production. He had just completed a podcast about CERN in Geneva (which has been dedicated to his memory) and had been made graphics editor of BlueSci, the science magazine in Cambridge.

In his second year he undertook the role of Treasurer for Cambridge University Physics Society, and was also a key member of the bar committee, working tirelessly behind the scenes as Finance Manager, although he could be found on the other side of the bar just as frequently!

Despite so many extra curricular activities, Vinnie did extremely well in his academics; he had a natural flair for science, scoring a 1st in end of year exams.

Most of Vinnie’s friends will remember the Vinnie they saw in the bar, at formal and on nights out; loud, confident and usually in the centre of things. But there was also a different side to him; thoughtful, sincere, and refreshingly honest and genuine. We feel privileged to have known such a bright, interesting and vibrant person, and he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Vinnie’s funeral will be held near his family home in North London on Thursday 15th November, and a memorial service will be held at Sidney Sussex chapel on Monday 26th November at 7pm, to which all are welcome.

Joanne May and Helen Clifford