Volleyball Blues – double victory against Warwick

19 November 2012

On Wednesday, 7th of November, the men’s Blues had to face Warwick for an away match of 1A Midlands. Last year the men’s Blues came second in their league after Warwick who went to the finals in the BUCS championships. So it promised to be a good match against last year’s 2nd best team of the UK.

The first set started really well and the Blues managed to get a good few points ahead. Later in the set, though, the Cambridge team became too complacent and let Warwick come back. However, regaining focus and persistence, with good hits from the middles and unsurpassed blocking, they won the set.

The 2nd set was not as good. Service errors and mistakes let Warwick get a comfortable lead, which the Blues didn’t manage to get back. Having trouble in materializing points, while Warwick was reducing their mistakes and kept on scoring, led to the loss of the set. This brought the game on draw, 1-1 sets.

Entering the court for the third set, both teams were fighting hard to take the lead both in the set and the game. However it was the Cambridge team that found the solutions and, thanks to the good outside hitters, won it 25-23. Warwick men got a bit upset (including the 2nd ref…) and complained about the Blues’ encouraging shouting.

With regained confidence and the spirits high, the 4th set started very well for the Cambridge Blues. Scoring a lot of points from good attacks while Warwick’s substitutions made a number of simple mistakes, they found themselves leading 24-19. However, over-confidence could have been proven lethal, as it turned into an unnecessarily tight score of 24-23. A service mistake by Warwick, though, finished the game with the very tight score of 25-23.

After the game, Blues’ captain Hanns Hagen Goetzke said: “I’m very pleased that we won tight sets! We have to focus on our receiving. After a good pass we normally score. We had really good team performance.”

Following the men’s example, Women Blues also had a victorious night against Warwick on the 10th of November, playing at home. Winning easily 3-0, a game that it was not as exciting as the men’s, and giving the opportunity to a large number of players participating, the ladies are still in pursuit of a place for the BUCS Finals for yet another consecutive year.

Men’s squad: Michael Hannon, Bennett Waxse, Robert Krakow, Alessio Strano, Bartek Redlicki, Hanns Hagen Goetzke

Men’s coach: Christian Luginsland

Women’s squad: Christiana Smyrilli, Xenia Oshmian, Alice Hsieh Pei-Shan, Julia Schaeffer, Agata Kurowski, Electra Panagoulia, Katrin Berkemeyer, Ana Tufegdzic Vidakovic, Fiona Danks, Katharina Bitzan, Jennifer Bellamy, Anne Ernst

Women’s coach: Jean Jacquet

Hanns Hagen Goetzke & Christiana Smyrilli – Sports Reporters