Volleyball: Cambridge women lose to Loughborough

Christiana Smyrilli 8 November 2012

Loughborough 3 Cambridge 1

This truly was the “clash of the titans”, as this game can be characterized by all those who watched it, was exactly what the Blues expected it to be (exciting, interesting, intense and tough) except what they were really aiming for: victorious.

The Blues lost to Loughborough 3-1, after what proved to be the best game in the 1A Midlands league so far this season. The first set went to the away team, with the blues seeming a bit switched off, but fighting hard at the end of the set to try and come back, unsuccessfully though. Entering the court for the second set, our ladies played hard, pressing with strong hits and aimed serves, winning this set and getting back into the game.

Unfortunately, Loughborough simply proved too hard to die, and managed to win the next two sets, winning thus the game. The Blues have to beat the Loughborough team at the away game next term, in order to conquer the top of their league. That is, of course, assuming that they remain unbeaten for the rest of the season.

Christiana Smyrilli