Week 6 Horoscopes

Kitya Mark 5 June 2018

The weather is warming and summer is coming; another week and another set of horoscopes. June has come and the month of Gemini is here. On Wednesday the last quarter moon will appear. I hope these horoscopes help to ground you and build you up. Remember that they are not a prescribed to-do-list, but more of a tracing on the surface of emotions. They are a reminder that you are you, that you are here, and that that is enough.


You have been seeing in a particular way for a while now, maybe you are focused so much on an end-date that you are forgetting your reasoning for why you are here. Remind yourself to dance and run and simply sit still. You are flowering and blooming where you are planted, that matters.


You are an incredibly good friend, yet you also love your independence. Trust your intuition. The last month or so may have been clouded in a grey that doesn’t seem to go away and your old memories drift in & out, sometimes blurring the edges of how you prefer to see. But you are (and always were) your own anchor. Trust yourself and believe in yourself because the way you are walking is always the right path for you.


You are open with your views and you like to listen but also to be heard. Your friends are true and giving, but have you always let them in? Remember to put yourself first, but don’t forget the support network that you might not always see or be looking for. They are all there to hear you, you just need to talk.


You are putting yourself out there in so many different ways, and that is recognized. It may not be a new dawn of easy sunlight but that doesn’t matter, whatever the outcome, it is always necessary to try. Fear and gentleness can go hand in hand and you are valued for everything you do. All you need to do now is to remind yourself not only that you can do it, but that you are doing it, and you are doing it well.


It is your month! This year has been one of growth in so many ways, and ultimately in spite of it all you have carried on. Unclutter your days and your nights and smile to yourself and your impulses for fun and silliness and seriousness all entangled together. You hate to confine yourself, so don’t. You deserve every moment of joy that you allow yourself to have.


You can be free and floating and still pinned to the ground. You have worked hard (at your self, at your commitments/studies/job/time-filling-tick-tocks-of-things) and that work will be rewarded. You know that you can validate yourself, but perhaps now is the time to really remember that. Whatever happens (and it will be good because you are nothing less than intrinsic kindness and feeling) remember that you are valid.


Believe in the space of time just before sunset when the evening is stretching out before you. Believe in competence and incompetence alike because you are both honest and proud and now more than ever is a time to be proud. Be proud of yourself and your days and your hours and the smallest of things because it is that which seems insignificant which you should believe in the most.


Sometimes you can feel out of touch with the slipping hours that float on by as you wait and wait. This does not mean that you are not living. You have had some wobbling and tipping days recently but you have remained on your feet and breathing because you are strong and fragile and growing. You will keep growing and you can be gently happy even as you look through the rained-on windowpanes. Maybe it is time to let yourself grow.


The sky has opened slowly. If it is rain, wait for it to pass, if it is the sea, let yourself float. You can be receptive to change if only you let yourself be receptive. Maybe now is a particular time for reflection on what you have achieved, as one chapter closes and the pages flick open and forward you can have a moment to glow, because your feats and realisations were unmissed. Acknowledge yourself, it is good to be good.


You can hold happiness in your hands if you let yourself. You are resourceful in your bravery and people rely on you to be true. Embrace the worry and then let it pass. Dedicate yourself to feeling dedicated – to friends, to family, to work and to sun-soaked days. Believing in unending peace is a good phrase, now it is time to learn how to stitch it seamlessly into your vocabulary.


If you let yourself become lost you can also re-find yourself. You may feel that you always become lost in a similar trap but that is okay. Maybe you do not always need to be found. You are still learning from your past selves even if you repeat past mistakes. Give yourself the opportunity to be proud of yourself because you deserve endless smiles and the smell of summer and easy easing days.


It is alright now to fall asleep and let yourself be. The storm has passed and the months can roll on without fear. Allow yourself a minute to pause and recollect (collect the lost fragments of yesterdays and today). Tomorrow will bring a different sort of happy-strangeness, but relax into that too.  Whatever tomorrow brings, you are strong enough to deal with it all.