Weird and Wonderful Cambridge Societies

Sophie Buck 8 October 2014

Whether you’re a fresher scouting out the perfect wacky Cambridge society to tell your friends about back home, a second-year in search of some more silliness and adventure this time around, or a final-year who wants to experience as much of Cambridge as you can before you leave, this article is for you. Live your Cambridge life to the full and try out something a bit different and unusual – we dare you.

Something for the sophisticated drinkers

Image Credit: Ajay Classman

Because not all alcohol is Sainsbury’s basics-

Cambridge University Wine Society [CUWS]

Cambridge University Blind Wine Tasting Society [CUBWTS]

Cambridge University Whisky Appreciation Society [CUWAS]

Something for the adventurous among you

Image Credit: Derek Keats

For those who are actually adventurous, wannabe adventurous, or those who just want to conquer their fears … as well those who just want to burst that invisible Cambridge bubble.

Try CU’s Caving Club [CUCC], Gliding Club [CUGC] or Underwater Exploration Group (scuba divers) [CUUEG].

And, if you’re a medic, elevate yourself from a regular medic, to an epic medic with Cambridge University Wilderness Medicine.

Something for those of you that want a little bit of adventure everyday

Assassin’s Guild: Large-scale mock assassination games – because why not?

Something for people wanting to try a new sport – or any sport…

Image Credit: David McSpadden

Turn your childhood favorites into an actual sport with Cambridge University Hula Hooping or Ultimate Frisbee.

Something to inspire

Tired of small talk? Prefer deep, meaningful and satisfying conversations? Cambridge Muse Society hosts conversations dinners where you can talk about real things, get to know someone new, and find out more about yourself along the way.

Cambridge Muse Society

Something for the Harry Potter fans

Image Credit: Colin Zhu

Do you secretly still wish UCAS had accepted your applications to Hogwarts? If so, you should join Cambridge University Harry Potter Society [CUHPS]

Of course this would exist at Cambridge. And of course you should join it. The society holds debates on all the important HP topics – the possibility of total house unity at Hogwarts?” for example – as well as fancy-dress parties, inter-house quizzes as well as many, many film nights.

The Harry Potter Alliance, The Cambridge Chapter [CHASERS]

Ever wondered what could be better than a Harry Potter society? How about a Harry Potter society that also does great charity work? Don’t think that exists? It does and it’s called The Harry Potter Alliance. 

In the words of JK Rowling herself, “The HP Alliance is, without doubt, the purest expression of ‘the spirit of Albus Dumbledore’ yet to emerge from the Harry Potter fandom.”

Something for the unconventionally creative

Image Credit: Timothy Tolle

Learn to quite literally play with the Cambridge Fire Troupe, drum with JUNK and even make a bobbin lace!

So go on, try something new – we dare you. Then comment below to tell us how it went!