What else could CUSU spend TCS’s budget on?

Amelia Oakley 26 April 2016

What could you buy with the cost of TCS?

You may have become aware that CUSU has informed TCS that their funding may potentially be slashed in the CUSU new budget to be put to CUSU Council on Monday –  the exact details remain unclear, as the budget is as yet unpublished. Instead of telling you why TCS is such a wonderful thing to exist in Cambridge, how it provides so many people with so much joy, and how it is an integral part of the Cambridge student media scene, let’s work out what CUSU could be using this money for instead. We invite further speculation in the comments. 

At the last budget TCS cost a grand total of £24,430 to run. This could buy CUSU….

A Small Speedboat: £22,995

With this ‘immaculate’ Scarab Sportster, the CUSU Committee could travel down the Cam in style, perhaps to disrupt rowers who are generating noise complaints, or harassing swans. This 30ft boat would have ample room for free and open debate, and formulate an effective safe space, keeping all at bay but other water-users.

271 years and nine months of Netflix: £24,424.89

Imagine. Nearly three centuries of watching Parks and Rec and Breaking Bad. Your chill would never end.

Almost a Kilogram of Gold: £27,638

 Image: Pixabay

At the current price, TCS is not quite worth a kilogram, but they could probably scrape the money somewhere by slashing craft activities. Perhaps the metal could be used to forge a presidential crown, or maybe it can be taken as tribute to NUS conferences, like those who paid homage and fealty to the warrior kings of old.

Not Quite Two Years of Your Degree: £25,642

The smallest possible amount would be the £9,000 tuition loans, and the £3,821 maintenance loan. With this money CUSU could near enough fund a budding historian from a middle-class background through their entire Part I, as long as they worked in their local Waitrose for a couple of weeks each summer.

Ten back cover adverts in the Union term card: £23,000

 Image: Cmglee

Exam term procrastination led to intense research and the fascinating discovery of just how much the Union charges for advertising fees. CUSU could advertise themselves for over three years, enough time to make sure people finally understand the difference between them and the Union Society.