What kind of Postage Stamp are you? Procrastination Edition

Will Amor 20 May 2014

You are not a postage stamp.
What you are is a student who opened a link for the most ludicrous click bait of all time just to escape revision. Not even Buzzfeed would go for such a boring article.

(Un)fortunately, I know nothing about philately, other than that is the term to refer to the study of postage stamps. But I would hate to disappoint your attempts to distract yourself from work, so here’s five links for you to enjoy your time online with.

This massively popular game is as famous for its elusive, power-of-2 goal as it is for its variants. My favourite version is the Doctor Who edition, which can keep you entertained until Paul McGann’s visit to the Union later this term.

Birds with arms
This gallery taken from the subreddit birdswitharms displays the strange, strange corner of the Internet which photoshops arms onto birds. Press q on the page to have the page automatically scroll down the pictures of armed birds.

Valve’s incredibly successful game where you create wormholes to transport yourself across rooms in increasingly puzzling ways has generated a Flash spin off which provides many hours’ frustration.

This Youtuber produces videos on a variety of eclectic topics which you never knew you were interested in, ranging from why humans have two nostrils to what the Moon would look like if it were a disco ball.

What If?
Written by Randall Munroe of xkcd fame, this blog explores a number of preposterous hypothetical questions, such as how strong would a cup of tea be if you poured all the tea in the world into the Great Lakes and took a cup: a very British concern indeed.