When cinema dates go wrong

Grace Murray 15 February 2015

The cinema is the only popular spot for a first date which actually requires you to say very little and hardly make eye contact. It’s a fact which makes it the favourite choice of shy teenagers everywhere, but somehow our writers still found a way to experience some very awkward dates. Thank you to everyone who contributed, and read on for their tales of woe.

“She brought her brother without telling me in advance. I still can't watch 500 Days of Summer without cringing internally.” – Sam Rhodes

“During The Wolf of Wall Street, I whipped out the classic 'yawn and reach' manoeuvre. My arm stayed round her shoulders, aching, for the next two hours – I cannot emphasise enough the extent to which nothing else happened (although her hair smelled quite nice). Heck of a film though.” – Alistair Stewart

“He bought tickets for Night at the Museum. Three rows apart. Trying not to take it personally, but I've only just recovered. I was 12.” – Brontë Gabriella Philips

"I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and within the first ten minutes the seats around us had been deserted by parents moving their children away." – Alice Mottram
“Didn't know it was a date. He turned up in a suit with flowers. I turned up in trackies.” – Jenny Steinitz
“We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and he insisted on waiting until the VERY end of the credits to see that extra 1 minute scene. It took forever. There are so many credits. And I was so desperate for the loo. Like, beyond desperate – to that painful extent, you know?” – Freya Sanders

“The year was 2010, the film; Deathly Hallows: Part 1. All was well until (disclaimer) Dobby's death scene when my date burst out laughing. I didn't offer him any more of my popcorn.” – Ellie Coote