Where's the Love?

23 February 2008

Feeling bad about how your RAG blind date turned out? Looking for proof that true love does exist? Read on to discover some of the dating joys and woes of your fellow Cambridge students and realise you are not alone….



“I cooked a really romantic meal for my girlfriend with several different courses. It’s just that I also managed to give her food poisoning.”


“I don’t have a great track record with RAG blind date. In my first year it was all organised and then the girl never turned up. In the second year, my date once again failed to show. Needless to say, I’m not doing it this year.”


“During my gap year I worked at a ski resort in the Alps. On Valentine’s day my boyfriend organised a picnic on the top of a mountain. The great views and delicious food made it easily the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.”


“My girlfriend goes to Cardiff University, so last year we weren’t able to spend Valentine’s day together. To make up for it I sent her a huge bouquet of roses that were delivered to her door. I think that was pretty romantic!”


“By far the worst date I ever had was when I mentioned tests that I had been having at the hospital. When I said one of them had come back positive, she kind of got the wrong end of the stick and thought I had HIV. We still went out for a month though.”

“I organised the most amazing surprise party for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday. All of our friends were there and we were finally going to be able to spend a whole weekend together rather than be separated by university. Excitedly, I went to pick her up from the station; she dumped me before we went in.”

“Well, I was well up for RAG blind date this year because the girl was really attractive. We went for a curry with some of her mates and their dates and it was all going really well. Right up until the point where she threw up all over the table. I went off the whole idea at that point.”