Why you should study outside…

Sherilyn Chew 2 June 2016

Revising in the sun is great. Don’t take my word for it, though; I’m writing this in Stickybeaks, within a sea of ‘Ladies who Lunch’ who are talking about their city breaks to Barcelona and their darling sons and dogs who are both called Jasper. But hang in there, all those who are still working, and step into the sunshine, for the benefit of your revision! Here are my reasons to work al fresco:

1. The sun is proven to keep you happy and healthy. A study by the BMJ showed that being outside can help stave off both mental and physical ailments, with Vitamin D indeed being great “for strong bones” (credits to the Petit Filous girl).

2. A creative, social environment. Many people work best in small, focussed groups, engendering a creative, hive mind. Take your colleagues outside and show off just how much you’ve got your life together. 

3. You can see birds and stuff. Studies show that avian activity is directly proportional to work ethic. Therefore, the more tweets, the more exam success.

4. Use the sky to revise. If you’ve watched ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, then apart from realising that Willem Dafoe is a jerk, you will have found out that the sky is the answer to our problems. As such, instead of looking for shapes in the clouds, why not look for the answers to your problem questions in cumulonimbus formations?

5. Punters have the answer. You may think that the punt tour guides not only disrupt your revision but also give tourists incorrect facts about Cambridge, like how Trinity Hall is the home of 'Dr Stephen Hawking'. But you may be overlooking the punters’ role as oracles. When you next hear one shouting, listen closely and you may hear a nuanced and unique approach to the issue of domestic attitudes to Spanish colonisation.

6. Grass represents a false dichotomy. While revising on the grass, you might hypothesise that grass is green. But need this theory be irreconcilable with the idea that it might also be yellow? Have you considered both points of view as mutually exclusive? Can the thing we call grass not be both at once? This is what is known as ‘Philosophy’.

7. More time for work. Have you noticed how time moves slower when you’re sunbathing? If you work outside, you will extend your working day by between 2-3 hours.