Will this change the way you read Cambridge student news forever?

Hannah Graham 13 May 2014

TCS talk to Philip Ashworth, academic, Lola Lo DJ and creator of a free news app aimed exclusively at Cambridge students.

In what may prove to be bad news for hardworking Cantabs hoping to avoid procrastination, Cantapp, which launches today, collates articles from all three of the major Cambridge student newspapersVarsity, The Tab and TCS – as well as from student-run radio station, Cam FM. Users will also be able to play Cam FM directly from the app, which streams shows both live and on catch-up.

Ashworth says the inspiration for Cantapp came when, as a Cam FM DJ, he noticed how little attention newsworthy items published by the radio station received. ‘Cam FM isn’t known for its news’ he tells us, ‘so whenever someone does a great interview or a great story they’ll write an accompanying article which doesn’t normally get seen, so I thought, why not stick those Cam FM articles in alongside TCS and Tab and Varsity?’ He suggests that the app ‘provides a better opportunity for budding journalists’ to have their work read, as well offering Cambridge students the ability to easily access a wider variety of articles in one place.

The app allows users to share articles they have enjoyed directly with their friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. Although it is currently only available on Apple products, Ashworth plans to create an Android version in the near future. There are various other developments in the pipeline as well, with plans for a ‘What’s On’ feature, which will allow users to configure interactive calendars which automatically update with events organised by the societies they’re interested in, and the option to filter articles by category or by author.

When asked why he has chosen to devote his spare time to providing a handy, free distraction tool for Cambridge students, Ashworth’s response is simple: ‘I get bored easily!’ For those of us who aren’t as altruistic or well-versed in programming, it looks as though Cantapp will offer an excellent solution to that very problem.

Cantapp can be found here.

Phil spoke exclusively to Cam FM this morning about the app.

Friends together…                                                        Image Credit:Cantapp