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Elsa Maishman 4 May 2016

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Here at The Cambridge Student, we've made no secret of the fact that we think CUSU's proposed budget cuts are unfair, and can be easily avoided. 

We think it's utterly vital that TCS remains in print. We think we deserve a chance to attempt a model of reduced expenditure, but in order to do so we need the support of CUSU Council (see articles K.3, K.4, K.8 and K.9 of the CUSU constitution).

Over 60 former TCS Editors have written an open letter to CUSU Council, asking them to support the print edition of TCS. However, this isn't about just the editorial team of TCS. Anyone within the University can get involved with the paper, and the stories we write have held our colleges, University, and Students' Union to account for 17 years. TCS is created for you, so whether you're a writer, a photographer, an illustrator or – most importantly – a reader, click here to show your support now.

The full text of the original open letter to CUSU Council, written by former TCS Editors:

Dear CUSU Council,

We understand that CUSU is considering whether to cut TCS’s funding and to make it an online-only product.

As students, TCS was a major part of our Cambridge experience.  We therefore hope that you will find our input helpful when considering this important decision.

Those of us who launched TCS wanted to create a high quality paper as a platform for intelligent news and comment.  From CUSU’s perspective, there was also the hope that high quality student news would include coverage of CUSU activities.  

Since its launch, TCS has been a great success.  It is undoubtedly one of the best student papers in the country.  Its coverage has remained intelligent and inclusive, true to its founding ethos. It has also retained its editorial independence from CUSU, whilst consistently covering news relevant to students, which necessarily includes CUSU activities.

Indeed, we do not think it is an exaggeration to say that TCS has earned its place as one of the great Cambridge student institutions, at the heart of the University’s vibrant community.

We would also draw your attention to the value of TCS to the students involved, all themselves CUSU members.  It is a vital part of the Cambridge experience for many hundreds of students.  It was also, for many of us, an invaluable insight into the media, forming an important foundation for our careers.

The debate about the future of print media goes on in newsrooms around the country.  The vast majority of newspapers are determined, if at all possible, to remain available in print.  The reasons are obvious.  There is something special about holding a newspaper that cannot be replicated online.  Readers are more likely to leaf through the pages, stumbling across content they might not click on in a website.  And, of course, TCS’s physical presence gives it a real-world profile that it would not have if it were online only.

TCS’s survival is testament to the enormous amount of time and dedication put in by generations of students.  In September it will enter its 17th year.

We know that the people considering moving to an online-only presence have students’ best interests at heart.  We also know that this will be a complex decision.  We hope that, in considering your decision, you will find our perspective helpful.

Warm regards,


Wes Streeting MP, CUSU President 2004-2005

Sam Coates, TCS Co-Founder (now Deputy Political Editor, The Times)

Chris Mason, TCS Co-Founder (now a BBC Political Correspondent)

Jonn Elledge, TCS Deputy Editor, 2001-02 (now Editor of citymetric.com, New Statesman)

Mark Lobel, TCS News Editor 1999 (now Middle East Business Correspondent, BBC World News)

Tom Whipple, Interviews Editor 2003 & 2004 (now Science Editor, The Times)

Carly Hilts, Co-Editor, Lent 2009 (now Deputy Editor, Current Archaeology magazine)

Adam Crafton, TCS Chief Sports Writer, 2012 (Now Daily Mail, Highly Commended Young Sports Writer of the Year, 2013 and 2014)

Zoah Hedges-Stocks, Editor in Chief Lent 2011, Michaelmas 2011 (now news reporter, London24)

Zoe Trodd, TCS Co-Founder and first editor, 1999 (now Professor of American Literature at the University of Nottingham)

Tristan Jones, TCS Co-Founder and CUSU President 1999–2000 (now at Blackstone Chambers)

Jon Laurence, TCS Assistant Editor 2008 (now Digital Editor, Channel 4 News)

Jack May, TCS Editor-in-Chief Lent and Michaelmas 2015

Tristram Fane Saunders, TCS Editor-in-Chief Lent and Easter 2012

Thomas Williams, TCS Editor-in-Chief Michaelmas 2004 and Lent 2005

Benjamin Redwood, TCS Editor-in-Chief Lent 2014

Ashley Chhibber, TCS Editor-in-Chief Lent 2014

Rebecca Alldridge, TCS Editor-in-Chief Easter 2014

Joe Whitwell, TCS Editor-in-Chief Easter 2014

Sam Rhodes, TCS Editor-in-Chief Easter 2015

Colm Murphy, Associate Editor Lent 2015, Director 2015

Julia Stanyard, Interviews Editor Lent 2016

Anthony Bridgen, Features Editor Michaelmas 2015

Meg Proops, Chief Sub-Editor 2015

Will Amor, Dispatches Editor Lent 2015

Alice Mottram, Art Director Michaelmas 2015

Anna Carruthers, News Editor Lent 2015, Investigations Editor Michaelmas 2015

Helen Spokes, Deputy News Editor, Michaelmas 2014

Amelia Oakley, TCS Editor-in-Chief, Easter 2016, Deputy Editor, Lent 2016, Comment Editor, Michaelmas 2015, Features Editor Lent & Easter 2015

Jessie Mathewson, Social Media Manager Easter 2016, Deputy Editor Lent 2016, Fashion & Beauty Editor Michaelmas 2015

Elsa Maishman, Chair of Board Easter 2016, Editor-in-Chief Lent 2016, News Editor Michaelmas 2015, Comment Editor Easter 2015, Features Editor Lent 2015

Stevie Hertz, Deputy Editor Lent 2016, News Editor Michaelmas 2015, News Editor Easter 2015

Yema Stowell, Sub-Editor Lent and Easter 2013, TV/Film Editor Michaelmas 2013, TV Editor Michaelmas 2014, Social Media Manager Lent 2015

Tonicha Upham, Deputy News Editor Lent and Michaelmas 2014, Director 2015-16

Jenny Steinitz, News Editor Lent 2015

Oliver Mosley, Cambridge Union (President, Michaelmas 2015; Development Director; Lent 2016 to present)

Jessica Touschek, TCS Editor-in-Chief Michaelmas 2010

Emily Loud, News Editor Lent 2012

Sophie Clarke, TCS columnist Michaelmas 2012 and Summer 2014

Alice Moore, Deputy News Editor Lent 2012 (now Senior Project Manager, British Library)

Adam Clark, Deputy News Editor Lent 2013

Laura Peatman, Theatre Editor 2011-12 (now Press Officer, RADA)

Liam McNulty, TCS Co-Comment Editor Michaelmas 2010.

Zoe Holder, TCS Music Editor 2011-12

Clémentine Beauvais, Cartoonist 2007-2013

Florence Smith Nicholls, TCS Comment Co-Editor Michaelmas 2012; TCS Features Deputy Co-Editor Lent & Easter 2012; TCS Film & TV Co-Editor Michaelmas 2011

Georgia Wagstaff, TCS Food Columnist, Books & Literary Editor, Lent and Easter 2013

Nicholas Tufnell, Editor-in-Chief, Michaelmas 2012

Isabel Adomakoh Young, TCS Food Columnist, Subeditor, Contributor & Board of Directors member 2013-2015 (now published Essayist & Assistant at RCW Literary Agency)

Matthew Benton, Sub-Editor 2011-2012 (now music PR at HoldTight!PR)

Alexander Küng, Investigations Editor, Interviews Editor 2009-2010

Dan Green, TCS Board of Directors, 2010-2013

David Moulder, Music Co-editor, Michaelmas 2011.

Sophie Williams, TCS Theatre Co-Editor, Lent 2013

Matt Lim, TCS Satire Editor 2011-2 (now Artistic Director of Punchline Theatre)


Additional signatures:


Hannah Short

Aditya George

charlotte slaven

Ollie Smith

Harry Parker

Will Lyon Tupman

Leyla Gumusdis

Oliver Mosley

Theo Demolder

Rhiann Rone-Clarke

Pollyanna Furness

Charlotte Furniss-Roe

Tristan Selden

Sammy Love

Ted Loveday

Katie Williams

Jem Collins

Tom Bevan

Helen Gillard

Charlotte Ivers

Louis Ashworth

Jemima Jobling

Emma Ansell

Haroon Mohamoud

Anthony Bridgen

Hayden Banks

Hayley Hardstaff

Rosie Mearns

Nathaniel Hess

Stephen Bick

Tom Richardson

Theo Pigott

Alexander Berry

Jessica Dobson

Holly Willis

Beth Sercombe

Sam Dalton

Alicia Loh

Noah Froud

Philippa Smith

Sherilyn Chew

Jack Winstanley

Tom Ronan

Eve Rivers

Jonathan Davies

Olly Hudson

Corinne Hull

Joe Winter

Micha Frazer-Carroll

Hannah Greenstreet

Jack McConnel

Sam Deans

Chase Caldwell Smith

Luke Warner

Jack Whitehead

Sophie Dickinson

Imran Marashli

Molly O'Connor

Emile Okada

James Parsons

Freya Sanders

Richard Ollington

Merlyn Thoms

Anna Bockmuehl

Oliver Philcox

Imogen Cassels

Megan Lea

Clover Willis

Thomas Hall

Claire Thomson

Guy Bennett-Jones

Declan Amphlett

Harry Gosling

Helen Barker


Alexander Schwennicke

Alicia Mavor

Ben Ray

Rachael Griffith

Arenike Adebajo

Richard Simon

Xanthe Fuller

Luke Barratt

Max Noble

Josie Wastell

Catherine Maguire

Ines Boxman

Laura Nunez-Mulder

Sarah Sheard

Lynn Pang

Sophie Jordan

Jonathan Ben-Shaul

William Stark

Ronan Marron

James Leitch

Jess Lister

Christina Farley

Ellie Coote

Asia Lambert

Alice French

Jessica Payn

Alexander Paturel

Oscar Farley

Naomi Southwell

Yuqing Luo

Ellen Parker

Annie Muston


Raphael S

Rebecca Rebis

Urvie Pereira

Jack Benda

Greg Forrest

Cat Stiles


Rachel Rees – Middleton

Will Moss


Oliver Johnson

Matt Coote


Emma Charlton

Jake Bland

Megan Wilson

Edward Roberts

Harry Curtis

Catriona Corke

Laura Brown

Keir Murison

Anita Holender

Maddy Clifford

Bekzhan Sarsenbayev

Rachel Pomery

Rebecca Martin

Jack Higgins

Rebecca Davies

Tristan Upton

Amanda Davies

Hollie French

Megan Fereday

Isabelle Kent

Ollie Webster

Lili bidwell

Melissa Smith

Rebecca walshe

Jonny Fry

Jade Cuttle

James Watson

Jemima Churchhouse

Lydia Sabatini

Seun Adekoya

Alex Jenkins

Liam Livesley

Abi Bevan

Humphrey Thompson

Claire W

Qasin Alli

Isaac Jarratt barnham

Alexander Hardwick

Jago Thornton

Emma Brownlee

Ariane Laurent-Smith

Chris Waugh

Lottie Limb

Corey Froggatt

Joao Pedro Borges Santos

Raihana Haidary

Quintin LC

Georgina McCoig

Sam Raby

Helen White

Jack Rowan

Sofia Pedersen

Oliver Canessa

Laurie Wooldridge

Isobel Laidler

Kitty Sillars

Gabriella Dawson

Sriya Varadharajan

Connie Muttock

Tom Barrie

Ellen Peirson-Hagger

Feather Flores

Rebecca Thomas

Heather McNeill

Andrew Raison

Alice Law

Suzanna Beaupre

Thomas Langley

Connor Lempriere

Dolf Bekink

Henriette Poos

Kate Ellison

Morwenna Jones