Witch-King conjures demon

Alastair Cliff - Deputy News Editor 19 October 2009

The self-proclaimed King of All Witches, Magus Lynius Shadee, has created controversy after claiming to have summoned a demon in a Cambridge Church. He claims to have conjured the demon to “cleanse” the Church by possessing parishioners and driving them to suicide.

The Cambridge Student (TCS) last week reported on Mr Shadee’s intentions to open a new centre for the occult in Cambridge, which has been widely condemned by local Christians and Pagans alike. He has now announced that he has released a demon in the Church of our Lady and English Martyrs on Hills Road.

Father Dick Healey told the Cambridge News he plans to report him to the police for practising witchcraft in a church. A visitor to the church last Sunday, Will Mari, told TCS “The priest said they were calling in the Diocesan exorcist as a precaution to conduct an investigation.”

Mr Shadee claims to have performed the “incantation” while visiting Cambridge to look for a site for his occult centre. He claims the demon is “a hunter that will attach itself to an individual, then try to take the person, send them insane, and the worst is to cause them to take their physical life.”

Mr Shadee has also been condemned by local Pagans. Gwendolyn Triahna, a pagan student in Cambridge, was appalled by Mr Shadee’s action. She told TCS: “Traditionally, witches have not always enjoyed a positive relationship with the Catholic Church, and this will only make things worse for us.

“All we ask for is mutual respect. If Shadee continues to alienate the Church, then Catholics and Witches will never be able to achieve our dream of living side by side in harmony.”

Ms Triahna went on to question Mr Shadee’s beliefs. She explained: “As a wiccan, my magic involves ritualised ceremonies to banish negative influences from my life. What’s really stupid about what this Shadee character says is that he actually seems to be taking a very Christian view of theology. The idea of the witch as a demon-summoner is the kind of prejudiced stereotype that was historically used by the church to persecute suspected witches. Hoards of devils and pitchfork-wielding demons are the bogey-men of medieval Christianity, not a part of the belief system of real witches.”

Rejecting his authority as a ‘king of witches’, she added: “I’m offended that Shadee would lead people to believe that his offensive and childish views are shared by ‘all witches’.”

Alastair Cliff – Deputy News Editor