World Nutella Day: Seeing Nutella in a new light

Julia Stanyard 5 February 2015


Warm a dollop of Nutella in the microwave, and then mix in some natural yoghurt (or raspberry if you’re feeling adventurous.) It’s heavenly.

Dough balls:

Why is the glorious combination of Nutella and dough balls no longer on the Pizza Express menu? Never before has a restaurant so entirely satisfied the needs of its various consumers.  


Instead of slathering your popping corn with butter, slather it with everyone’s favourite hazelnut butter. It is guaranteed to make even the most dreadful film worthwhile.

Rice cakes:

If you need a receptacle for your Nutella but don’t want it to add further to the calorific value, bung it on a couple of rice cakes. Their crunchy yet light texture complements the rich smoothness of the holy substance.

Peanut butter:

If you couldn’t give a flying saturate about calorific value, whip up the two nutty big dogs of the spreads for unparalleled delight.

Ice cream:

For sensory delight, spread Nutella on the top of a fresh tub of Ben & Jerry’s, then chill the lovely ensemble before digging in. Because student kitchens don’t have freezers, you’ll have to eat the whole tub in one go. What a shame. 


Toast and lather: standard. All the gooey goodness sinks into the tiny holes. So when you bite in, all the chocolatiness just jumps out at you.

Apple pie:

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


There’s a reason Nigella combined these two to make the most winning cheesecake known to humankind. Look into it, but beware: rapid consumption will inevitably be followed by severe nausea.  

Mini eggs:

The only thing that can make chocolate better is chocolate. Mix a bag of mini eggs into a jar of Nutella and fall in love with the results. 

A Spoon:

Nutella is strong and independent. It needs no support or embellishment. A simple metal implement is all that is needed to untap the blissful potential of a jar.