Yes Campaign wins class lists referendum

Joanna Taylor 4 November 2016

The Yes Campaign has won the referendum on keeping class lists with a clear majority. 55% of students voted to retain class lists with an “easier opt-process”, CUSU has confirmed this morning. 

4,758 votes were cast, exceeding the requirement that 10% of the student body vote in favour of the motion to make the referendum valid. CUSU will now campaign to keep class lists ahead of the ballot taken by Regent House members in early December. 

It is hoped that the referendum outcome will affect official voting behaviour. 

2633 votes, or 55.34%, came out in favour of keeping class lists, whilst 2106, or 44.26%, voted against the practice. 19 votes were left blank. 

A clear majority of almost 11% separates the votes. Overall turnout was 20% of those eligible to vote. 

Voting turnout to elect new NUS delegates was lower. Votes were counted manually in order to ensure the NUS’s rule that gender balance is upheld within elected teams was upheld. 

Roberta Huldisch, Éireann Attridge, Joshua Jackson and Jonty Leibowitz were duly elected. 

Regent House voting on class lists will run from 28th November to 8th December. Some Council members have stated their intention to vote in the direction of the students’ referendum.