Your horoscope for week 3

Blanca Schofield-Legorburo 10 May 2018
Image Credit: FelixMittermeier - Pixabay

Whether your interest in star signs is one of mild amusement and curiosity or a true belief in the power of psychic movers, horoscopes and astrology can provide a sense of certainty in an uncertain world. In Easter term tensions are naturally running high, and often we can find ourselves looking for assurance in rituals, routine and familiar superstitions. For instance, I wear a pair of ‘lucky socks’ and a particular set of earrings for all my exams. My horoscopes do not promise to solve the worries that you may be facing: they will not tell you that you will get a 2.1 or provide a clear-cut blueprint to follow but instead they offer a kind of personality-tuned welfare. They provide a means with which to go on from, almost like an agony-aunt-styled friend looking out for you. Astrology focuses on cycles, and this cyclical pattern means that there is always something on the horizon – a promise that it does, can and will get better.

Aries: Last Monday the Last Quarter Moon was exact. Impatience has flowed and you need to sift through the projects you have explored. What worked, what didn’t work? Do what you can now and forget what wasn’t done then.

Pisces: Intuitive, gentle and caring. Currently Mars is in Capricorn and as such there is a persistent energy around you. Don’t worry about resting, you are still you when you close your eyes and the world will still be there when you open them again. Judge your surroundings now but stay faithful. Consider, compromise, consider.

Aquarius: You have been uncompromising when perhaps you should not have been. Venus is in Gemini and attractions begin with words. You are independent and giving but have you distanced yourself too much? Speak now and keep going, your silence will not be remembered and what you say matters. Believe in yourself.

Taurus: It is your month! The sun is in Taurus and you are defending and resisting. The past few spins of the moon have been difficult. You have built yourself up and have learnt how to unearth the cryptic second-guesses and crossings-out. Slowly but surely you are remembering to re-voice. Stay possessive of yourself. You always matter.

Gemini: Indecisive, you have flitted over thoughts and through decisions for days and maybe even months. If you ask your friends to be there for you, they will be. Trust yourself and trust the people around you. Never forget that you belong (because you always have).

Cancer: Loyalty is hard and sometimes things do not always match up. Lately you have been floating in a dis-attached state, sometimes this is freeing, sometimes it is lonely. But you are not built for ‘sometimes’. You deserve to listen and be listened to. You deserve to feel safe. Soon what you have been waiting for will open up and then you will enter into peace. Keep holding on, you are almost there.

Leo: Gold and yellow and orange and the boldness of humour. You love fun and fury and pushing yourself beyond your limits. Your spirit has been fierce of late, but perhaps you have not been the leader you could have been. Stay thankful, forgive and move forward – always moving through and up.

Virgo: Has the grey overtaken the lilac? You have a deep sense of humanity and a huge capacity for details. You care and always have cared. The people around you appreciate you and value you always, but don’t let that need for validation slip through into your defined sense of self. The moon is low and orange and thoughts can still scribble themselves into sense, even when you find yourself alone with yourself. You can never let yourself down, you are doing as well as you should be doing.

Libra: Injustice is something you strongly hate and you yearn for the soft stillness of just before dawn. Find that stillness in yourself now. You are not defined by your productivity but by your belief in others and in the cause that you have fought for. Peace within yourself is not conformity. It is contentment.

Scorpio: You are true and you like to feel that others around you are true, too. Relaxing into people is hard – you are a water sign yet sometimes you are unsure which way those near you flow. That is okay. Time will unfold and you will unfold with it and what you seek will be right there with you all the time. Keep loving, keep caring, it matters, it all matters.

Sagittarius: Your humour has always been strong, but is it sometimes perhaps too self-deprecating? Mars is in Capricorn and there is a deliberate energy around you, you consider carefully the consequences of your actions. But sometimes it is okay to let yourself simply be in the moment; as long as you are proud of yourself, that is all that you will need to keep thriving.

Capricorn: You believe in the idealised version of a truth that you are seeking, you are consequently always striving to perfect the life around you into the life that you have read, seen or imagined. But you deserve to boldly claim happiness. It is yours and let yourself unravel into it.