Your horoscope for week 4

Blanca Schofield-Legorburo 20 May 2018

I often find as the academic year draws to a close that there are too many paths one feels that one could/should/or almost did take. Often we find ourselves asking ‘where should I be right now’? Horoscopes do not tell you where you should or should not go, what you should or should not feel, what you should or should not do, instead they present an option, an opportunity and a feeling that you are going somewhere. I hope this week is one in which that feeling of going somewhere can uplift and motivate you in all the ways necessary.

Aquarius: It’s a strange time to be, sometimes. Change often happens slowly and as we search for what we want we can become lost on the way. You care deeply, and this time maybe it is time to care for yourself first. Construct your self-care carefully, you can (and should always be) your own primary caretaker.

Pisces: You are independent and intuitive, try not to enclose yourself in the criticism of your past selves. You deserve sleeping and music and swimming. Let yourself relax into the sunshine that surrounds you, both in terms of weather and in terms of people. Summer is coming and with that another tide.

Aries: Keep stretching out and through. Waiting is for yesterdays and tomorrow(s) brings another kind of unfolding. There is a thrill in growing and perhaps it is time to watch how others around you grow. Learn, listen and appreciate them. Sometimes your haste means less speed and these days maybe it is time to slow down. You are not obliged to be productive. Your worth is not measured by what you strive to create.

Taurus: You are defined by your kindness and that matters. You give off an energy that puts others at ease and we all learn from you and your resilience. Stay grounded, stay practical and stay realistic, but also remember to remind yourself what the sky looks like as dawn is breaking. Remember to remind yourself of hope, because you should be hopeful. The earth will keep you on your feet and you are always walking forward towards the brilliance that we all know is in store for you.

Gemini: Sometimes indecision can seem like a cleft between peace and waiting. But if you take in a breath and hold it, you can let yourself swim into that space between absence and presence. You deserve happiness in all its forms, never let yourself forget that. Your identity never needs to be constructed out of silence.

Cancer: Finally it may feel as though you are looking at the you that you knew you could be, but maybe haven’t been for a while. You are so much stronger than you sometimes allow yourself to be. Being sensitive and emotional means that you have the wisdom about what and when to share. Imaginative and driven, it is time to be secure in your sense of self. You have waited for that kind of security for a long time now, and this week acknowledge how fantastic you are.

Leo: Your friends // and // or (are) your family yet perhaps you have not always put what matters most to them first. That is okay. Dramatic and dominant you love the anticipation of a new day. Make those new days for yourself, now. The year's doors are opening, you can let people in.

Virgo: Mid-month can feel like a bit of an in-between phase. We are on the latter half of May and the latter chapters of the academic year. Wherever you are somedays Sundays slip into Thursdays and you suddenly catch yourself wondering which landscape you have sketched for yourself. Remember the stilling silence of just after it rains. You can’t always perfect your reality, forgive yourself for that.

Libra: You often define yourself by your intelligence, and deserve to do so, yet don’t forget the importance of enriching happiness. Happiness that drifts in through people, places and passions. Work matters, but so do the colours of the sunset. Don’t get lost in the browned leaves that hide the growing tree.

Scorpio: You are so much braver and more capable than you think. There are no blueprints or defined roads for the path you will undergo, but that is okay. You are aware and know what it means to be aware. Don’t lose that awareness now. Often maps unfold even as you think the day is drawing to a close. Believe in yourself now, because what you want can and will manifest.

Capricorn: Uranus has left Aries and entered Taurus and flowers will keep blooming. Remember the space between those flowers and the moon. Connect the dot-to-dots and build yourself up. You are learning and you will keep learning, you are as tough as you know you can be.

Sagittarius: You have been working (on yourself/on your friends/ on the tasks in front of you), and that can leave you feeling blinkered to the one path ahead. You will never live every possible life, it's true, but perhaps the road you are walking isn't necessarily the one you actually want. You cannot carry all the burdens of the thoughts/plans/perceptions of others and of yourself always on your shoulders. Your twelve year old self would be proud of you now, so maybe it is time to start living in the now.