Zero Carbon Society occupy Greenwich House as D-Day looms

Will Bennett 19 May 2018

Yesterday evening 25 students occupied Greenwich House, home to the University's administrative offices and finance department.

Their demands are the same as those of the hunger strikers.  They want the University to pledge their commitment to total divestment by 2020 and to promise that the activists involved in the recent protests will not face disciplinary action.

This most recent Zero Carbon protest is taking place in the same week as 3 Cambridge students launched a hunger strike, seeking the same the promises from the University.  Graffiti was also scrawled all over Senate House earlier in the week, which currently remains there due to the cost and damage of removing it from the limestone walls.  The Zero Carbon Society have reinforced that this protest is not a one-off.

Protestors have secured access to Greenwich House and are offering up "safe revision space" for students to join them.  They have said that "security are on our side".  The University has said, "We are aware of an ongoing incident at Greenwich House. Security are on site and handling the situation."

A spokesperson and seasoned campaigner has said "There can be no business as usual while Cambridge continues to profit from climate catastrophe. We have taken every democratic route possible towards divestment, demonstrating the depth of popular support on this issue, and yet University Council is set to reject divestment once again. This is a climate emergency, and it is time for Cambridge to divest and turn its back on the industry responsible. We will shut down the University’s administrative heart until University management commit to full divestment."

The peak in frequency of direct action is designed to put pressure on the University Council who are meeting on Monday to discuss the future of the University's investments in fossil fuels.  On Monday there will be a final rally prior to the decision outisde Senate House – Divestment D-Day.